The internet currently constitutes the most extensive freedom of information database for all users, especially those with disabilities.
As such, it is vital to provide people with disabilities equal opportunities to use the information presented on websites and enable a better web surfing experience.
We aspire to ensure our digital services are accessible to people with disabilities. Hence, we have invested considerable resources to facilitate the use of this website, believing that everyone deserves the right to live equally, honorably and independently.

To fulfill that promise, we adhere as much as possible to the Israeli Standard (IS 5568) recommendations for the Accessibility of Internet Contents at the AA Level and the International WCAG2.1 Document.

How does this website accessibility work?

An accessibility menu is provided by the website accessibility company – Nagish Beclick.
Clicking the accessibility button opens a menu containing the accessibility commands.
Once a subject is selected from the menu, please wait for the page to load.
The software works with popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.
The website owners and/or anyone on their behalf are responsible for the usage and implementation of the website. That also includes the content presented on the website, subject to the limitations and terms of using the software.

Accessibility options on the menu:

Adaptation to keyboard navigation - enables keyboard navigation

Adaptation to screen reader - the site is adapted to assistive technologies such as JAWS, NVDA

Website font enlargement in 5 different sizes

Flash blocker - blocks all flash content and moving elements

Contrast adjustment - remaps image intensity values against a dark background

Contrast adjustment - reamps image intensity values against a light background

Color-blind adjustment

Changing to a more legible typeface

Cursor enlargement and color change to either black or white

Display enlargement up to 200%

Emboldened website links

Emboldened website headers

Alternative images descriptions

Accessibility Statement

Send accessibility feedback

Contact our accessibility officer

If you encounter any accessibility difficulties while browsing our website, our accessibility team is at your service through various channels. Please contact us regarding any accessibility issues or send feedback.


Accessibility officer’s contact details


Name: Ido Levi

Mobile: 052-4380454

E-mail: ido@mycospring.com

Updated on: 7/7/2022

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