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A Short History of Cordyceps Use

Legend has it that the benefits of Cordyceps were known for more than 1,000 years, and were the best-kept secret of the Chinese emperors for generations. The inhabitants of ancient China traditionally consumed Cordyceps mushrooms by making them into tea and drinking them.

Cordyceps gained world attention in the early 1990’s when Chinese Olympic athletes broke world records, and their coach attributed their success to a diet containing Cordyceps. The western world was curious to learn all about their dietary habits, and the benefits of consuming Cordyceps were revealed.

In many studies, Cordyceps consumption has been shown to aid physical and mental health issues and significantly improve physical sensation and well-being. The global demand for the mushroom has increased ever since, and Cordyceps has been used in various medical indications.

Mycospring’s Cordyceps – Refining Nature

We have been proudly growing and researching Cordyceps mushrooms for more than 15 years. In our mushroom cultivation facility, we incorporate traditional knowledge from the ancient Far East along with innovative technology and have been joined by research fellows from the world’s top research institutes.

At Mycospring, we strictly adhere to chemical-free growth processes. We have developed an exclusive technique for growing Cordyceps in controlled environmental conditions that allow us to maximize the mushroom’s inherent virtues and enhance its qualities without harming any animals, not even insects!

To achieve and maintain the high quality of our products, we perform tests for microbial and chemical contaminants and quality control procedures during the entire production process of the Cordyceps mushroom. As opposed to its natural environment, where Cordyceps may absorb environmental toxins because of the uncontrolled decomposition of substances, we produce our mushrooms in environmentally controlled facilities to minimize contaminants and ensure that each one of our products contains the highest extraction of bioactive compounds and nutrients.


Main benefits of Cordyceps Mushroom

Increases physical activity performance

Cordyceps mushrooms increases the production of the molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is essential for supplying energy to our muscles. As a result, it improves the oxygen we consume during physical activity and improves performance indicators among adults and young people.

Anti-aging properties

According to research, its antioxidant content may explain its anti-aging potential. Antioxidants are molecules that fight the damage caused to skin cells and neutralize free radicals, which inhibit skin aging.

A Range of Benefits In One Magical Mushroom

How to consume Cordyceps?

Mycospring’s Cordyceps mushrooms are “ready-to-eat” and can be consumed in their most natural form. However, the best way to consume Cordyceps is by boiling it. Simply boil a dosage in hot water for a few minutes and enjoy!

Active Ingredients

Cordycepin – a natural biological active constituent that contains organisms of nucleic acid. Among other things, it is also used as an active factor against cancer cells in a variety of medicines.

Adenosine – one of the building blocks of nucleic acids that serves as a neuromodulator, which arises following the metabolic breakdown of glycogen and has an inhibitory effect on wakefulness. Its accumulation during the day increases delta waves the following night.

Pentostatin – a preventive agent for blood problems and diseases such as leukemia.

Adenine – an active substance that fills cells with energy and therefore allows a faster recovery time and leads to improved cardiopulmonary activity.


How do I consume Cordyceps?

Mycospring’s Cordyceps may be consumed as-is. Thus they provide our bodies with the tools it needs to treat itself. The best way to gain the benefits of this mushroom is to steep it. Simply add boiling water to it, wait 3-5 minutes and enjoy!

Where can I purchase Cordyceps products?

Cordyceps is a mushroom used as a food supplement for people with various ailments or looking to add more health benefits to their daily life. Thus you should purchase it after consulting with your physician, alternative medicine provider, naturopath, herbalist, dietician or mushroom cultivators. They can be purchased at health food stores or through mushroom cultivators. 

In what form is Cordyceps consumed?

Cordyceps comes in the form of whole fruiting bodies, powder, liquid extracts or capsules. 

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