To strengthen and safeguard the body, it is recommended to consume the mushrooms regularly 1-2 times daily. Our recommendation is to take 0.5 grams daily for a period of three months.
You can take a break according to your personal feeling.
The duration of mushroom consumption depends on a person’s individual condition.
In the event of a disease or other issue, please consult a physician.

There is no difference pertaining to the active ingredients. It is only a matter of convenience and taste.
The powder is easier to weigh or measure by a measuring spoon. It can be added to various foods (after blanching in boiling water).
Fruit bodies have a gentler, less concentrated flavor, and they can be eaten after blanching in boiling water.

We at Mycospring offer medicinal mushrooms proven by research to have healing properties. However, we cannot replace your physician/practitioner’s professional advice.
You are welcome to contact us if you want us to recommend practitioners and professionals.

Medicinal mushrooms are also edible. But to define a mushroom as medicinal, its cultures must be refined and examined in the laboratory to verify the active components are actually present.
At Mycospring’s cultivation farms, we follow stringent quality control processes. We regularly inspect the mushrooms for the presence and concentration of active ingredients.

We at Mycospring focus on cultivating fruit bodies. In contrast, most other companies on the market use mushroom mycelium in their final product.
Furthermore, our R&D centers are located in Israel and Vietnam, and we constantly continue to develop and improve our products.

Generally, medicinal mushrooms help strengthen the immune system and bring about a sense of vitality and energy.
Different mushrooms have different healing properties.
You can read about their different qualities on our website, and can also ask for our advice, if needed.

Yes, mushrooms work very well together and do not interfere with each other’s activities.

You should consult your physician, who would prescribe a treatment if necessary.

You are welcome to visit our farm upon a presecheduled appointment.

Cordyceps can be consumed as dried fruit bodies or in powder form. To “open up” the active components and make them bioavailable, we recommend blanching the mushroom in boiling water and waiting 2-3 minutes before drinking.
The fruit bodies can be eaten when you finish drinking the infusion – they taste real good!
Hericium can be blanched in boiling water, but it’s not mandatory.
It can be added to cold drinks, smoothies and cooked dishes.

Yes, our products are vegan and gluten free

Our mushrooms grow on organic beds, but we still do not have an organic standard mark

Not at all. Our products do not contain sugar or other sweeteners

Pregnant / lactating women should consult a physician before consuming the mushrooms

Of course!
We are here to provide you with the best advice possible.
Go to the Contact Us page to view our contact details

The mushroom’s effect varies from person to person.
Some people may feel immediate change / improvement. Others may not necessarily experience physical change, but their health will improve.
The effect can generally take place after one day to one month

Returning products

If you received a Mycospring product but do not want it for whatever reason, you may return it within 24 hours, as long as the product is sealed and remains in its original condition.
View our return policy at the bottom of our website for more information

Our delivery time is within 5 business days from the time you placed your order

The mushrooms are not a medical product but a natural product for improving a person’s quality of life and vitality.
They do not replace medical treatment and do not resolve a particular medical condition.
Even if you do not feel any physical change, it is still possible your health is improving.

If the product arrived broken or is unsealed for some reason, you may contact us within 24 hours and will receive a new product to replace it

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